• The British Stars Who Drove Japan Crazy
    If screaming fans are waiting to greet you on your first visit to Japan, it creates an unforgettable thrill. Duncan Bartlett tells the stories of three British pop groups who triggered a sexual frenzy and hears how some stars were bewildered by the mania.
  • Podcast: China and the Pandemic
    Steve Tsang and Duncan Bartlett of the SOAS China Institute disu whether the Covid-19 pandemic has brought benefits for the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Podcast: A New Cold War
    How does the current situation between the US and China compare to the old Cold War between the US and the USSR?
  • Joe Biden’s view of India
    President Biden wants to use India to counterbalance Chinese influence in Asia but what’s his view on Prime Minister Modi’s policies?
  • Bangladesh’s Chinese dilemma
    Joe Biden’s keen for the US to cooperate with friendly countries in Asia but for Bangladesh, would this mean cutting ties with China?
  • Myanmar’s coup threatens an international crisis
    The coup in Myanmar creates potential crisis for surrounding countries – especially Bangladesh